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So you have a hacked Joomla site! If you are a victim of having your Joomla site hacked here are the steps you should follow to take back control:

Step 1) Verify if your hosting company’s server was hacked

If your web hosting company’s server that your site is hosted on has been compromised in some way, attempting to repair your site on that server will do little good and you may end up needing to change to a new server and/or host.

Step 2) Change your hosting password

If the server was not compromised and this is a problem with only your site, you need to change your FTP password. In our experience we have found that 90% of sites are hacked through the password set with your web hosting company. Since this type of hacking occurs at the root level of your website, it is imperative you ALWAYS use a strong password that is not easily guessed or decoded. For help check out http://www.passwordmeter.com/ which can let you know how weak/strong your password is.

Step 3) Check Your Extensions

If you are using old extensions on your site they may have led to your site being compromised. You can click here to check the Vulnerable Extensions and see a list of those that have been listed. If one that you are using on your site appears in this list you will want to consider upgrading to a newer version if available or choosing a new extension with similar functionality from another vendor.

Step 4) Upgrade to the latest version of Joomla

The latest version of Joomla contains over 300 bug and security fixes, so if your hacked Joomla site was running version 1.6 or lower it is absolutely crucial you upgrade to the latest version of Joomla.

Fixing a hacked Joomla site is a serious undertaking that should be left up to a Joomla professional, to ensure all security vulnerabilities have been addressed. This could include everything from upgrading extensions and changing server permissions to having your site re-indexed by search engines, removing unnecessary databases, upgrading or migrating your site to the latest version of Joomla and so many more things that should only be handled by a Joomla expert. If you have a hacked Joomla site contact us today at HackedJoomla.com for a free quote on fixing your hacked Joomla website and getting your website back in business.

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